Our Products

Our products contain medical and medicated assistance in an outpatient and hospitalization system.


According to the different age profiles, Wubunthu Care offers 3 ready-to-use products (pre-designed).


recommended for young and healthy individuals, that are initiating their career and forming family;


recommended for adults and healthy individuals, that already have family;


recommended to the mature public, with family and more diversified need of health care.

Although designed according to the above profiles, any individual, regardless of age, can subscribe to any of the Wubunthu products according to their personal perception of risk and budget availability.

Wubunthu products offer medical aid coverage in Mozambique, South Africa and India, including:

  • Outpatient care: coverage of generalist and specialist consultations, medications, treatments, physiotherapy, diagnostic exams, dental treatment, prescribed supplements and ophthalmology care;
  • Hospitalization:
  • Chronic Diseases: covered under health care management programs;
  • Maternity Benefits: covered under health care management programs;
  • Specialized Examinations: covered for outpatient treatment or hospitalization, within the limits of each option


In addition to the pre-designed products, Wubunthu Care offers a wide range of products suited to the specific realities of a vast segment of the market. Given its vision, Wubunthu Care offers the necessary technical assistance in designing health care solutions tailored to clients' challenges and according to particular budget constraints. In this context, the following products should be highlighted:


Do you offer medical assistance to your employee? Do you share your healthcare provider's costs?

Inspired by the typical challenges of organizations that practice self-management of the medical care of their employees (through quota share of medical expenses between the worker and the organization) and who still face challenges in subscribing to one of the standard options of typical medical aid.

Budget is a package of administration of medical assistance collective fund in favor of the organization, ensuring mechanisms of efficiency of medical assistance process

Of the many benefits of Wubunthu's services, it is worth mentioning the quota share of up to 20% for health care expenses of the employee, offered by Wubunthu.


Do you have a saved amount for health? Has an annual health benefit been allocated?

Inspired by the challenges of organizations that offer an annual "plafond" to each of their employees so that, at their own risk, manage their health needs and in families that have savings for health needs, Wubunthu designed the Multiplier package.

Multiplier is a package of administration of individual funds for medical assistance in favor of the worker or the families.

In addition to the benefits of the services offered in this package, Wubunthu adds a bonus of 20% to the individual health fund, offering greater coverage and comfort to beneficiaries.


Is it of limited value and do you want to know which health plan to subscribe?

In order of finding a product tailored to the client's budget, we have designed the Wubunthu benefits matrix. This matrix allows the client to make the right choice of benefits suitable to their budget.


Pregnant? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension?

Given the particular concerns of individuals and families, Wubunthu has devised a range of temporary coverage packages for pre-existing specific conditions such as Pregnancy (Maternity) or chronic diseases.

This package enables customers to benefit from effective and affordable medical care, promoting a healthy and quality life and, particularly for the pregnant woman, a peaceful pregnancy and safe child birth.

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