Operational Flow

Subscription Cycle


Registration of company / organization

After negotiation, agreement and subsequent hiring, the company / organization is enrolled in the Wubunthu operating system, managed by Affinity Health within a maximum period of 24 hours, where all the parameters of the products subscribed by the company will be defined.

Registration of members and dependents

After registering the company, the members and their dependents, associated to the respective options, are registered. This registration may be made by Wubunthu Care or directly by the organization / company (the customer) from data extracted or imported directly from its human resources management system. Subsequent additions and withdrawals, throughout the year, may be made directly by the customer if he so chooses or by Wubunthu if it is convenient for the parties.

Emission of membership cards

2 cards will be issued per member. The cards will be customized and may only be used by service providers or health product providers. Although they are debit cards, they will not allow withdrawals, charges by other entities or payments at points other than health service providers. Cards will be issued within a maximum period of 7 days. In the event of loss, damage or need for additional cards, these can be requested at a cost of 350 Mt per card.


The invoices will be issued according to the periodicity agreed between the parties, 30 days before the period of coverage. Adjustments occurring within the month of coverage, resulting from the movement of members (inclusions and withdrawals) will be billed at the end of each month. The pro-form invoices can be extracted directly from the system by the customer, and the final invoice is issued by Wubunthu and sent to the organization as soon as the parties agree on the details of the invoice.

Contribution Payments

Payment of contributions may be made by check, bank transfer or direct debit, and at the convenience of the parties. This must be done before the period of use of the benefits.

Service Cycle


Access to medical assistance

Access to the network of medical and medical assistance will be made upon presentation of the membership card and a photographic identification document of the beneficiary (patient). This identification may be supplemented by fingerprint or other biometric data for authentication purposes.

Identification of member/beneficiary

The patient must identify himself / herself from the membership card accompanied by his identification document to be presented to the provider, who shall take copies of it.

Pre-confirmation (processing)

The member or beneficiary can pre-confirm benefits before arriving at the clinic from the Wubunthu (Kilimanjaro) application accessible from the mobile phone or the internet, avoiding the waiting time with the provider. Alternatively, the pre-confirmation can be made directly by the service provider. If you have exceeded benefits or requested unauthorized items, the rejection will be automatically communicated to the member or provider that requested the pre-confirmation.

Medical Care

Once the identification has been made and the pre-confirmation is made, then the medical attention will be given, the procedures will be dispensed or the medications dispensed, whichever is the case.

Usage Log

After provision of services, pre-confirmation will be processed by definitive deduction of member benefits and consequent updating of balances. This record must be terminated by patient authentication from the fingerprint, signature, or other authentication mechanisms.

Provider Payment

Registration of the use and respective authentication of the beneficiary, as well as the updating of the benefits, will activate the payment process that will be channeled to the service provider. The beneficiary must sign the invoice, which will serve as documentary support for tax purposes.

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