What Differs Us


Flexible Products:

In addition to the standard products that the medical aid in the market offers, Wubunthu Care brings with it a range of products tailored to the needs and capabilities of the client.

Coverage of Individual Members:

In addition to products designed for collective entities, Wubunthu care extends the range of its offer for specific products to singular entities.

Coverage for specific conditions:

Wubunthu Care has designed specific products to meet specific customer needs.


Simplified subscription process:

Subscription of members and dependents without the need for a large list of physical documentation and bureaucratic subscription processes.

Integrated access:

All stakeholders in the health plan (clients, members, clinics and doctors) are integrated by a management platform that allows them to interact in real time for registration, consultation and use of benefits.

Market Practices

Partnership with doctors:

Ensure greater flexibility in marking appointments and closer interaction with the physician.

Participatory network management:

To ensure a greater and better network of medical assistance services available to members.

Direct payments on and off the network:

Direct payments of expenses via debit card inside and outside the network of contracted providers, avoiding the need for refunds to members.

No need for pre-authorization calls:

Access to benefits is done through direct interaction in the integrated medical aid management platform. There is no need for a long wait in the medical care process for a telephone call to the medical aid.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 18.30
Saturday: 09.30 - 14.30
Sunday: CLOSED