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Chronic diseases stand out as the main causes of morbidity and mortality of the citizens who suffer from them. In addition to the financial impact, several limitations on quality of life, low productivity and challenges in social cohesion.
Our health promotion programs have a series of activities ordered and systematized by specialized professionals, both for the control of diseases and injuries, and for their prevention. The programs guarantee the specific follow-up of its participants, their evaluation, as well as the monitoring of actions carried out through health indicators.
Link for Care - is a Mozambican company specialized in the management of chronic diseases, as well as several medical assistance programs in Mozambique.


Manage programs of medical assistance, promote healthy habits and take actions of preventive education of chronic diseases.


Ensure lifestyle, comfort and longevity to individuals living with chronic diseases or lack of continuous and specialized medical care.


• Empathy;
• Discretion;
• Professionalism;

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